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REID HOSPITAL »  Patient & Visitor Info »  For Seniors »  Fitness & Exercise

Fitness & Exercise

Fitness & Exercise

Exercise doesn't have to be a chore. Your body is meant for movement. So, if you dread going to the gym or joining an exercise class, find activities that are fun but still allow you to get your body up and moving. For example, playing with your grandchildren, gardening, or walking the mall are all great ways to keep your body moving.

Incorporating a daily exercise into your schedule will help you maintain or achieve a healthy weight, improve your immune system, help with balance issues and keep your blood pressure and digestive functions under control. It will also help you sleep better, improve your mood and keep your brain active.

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any exercise routines. If something feels wrong, causes sharp pain or you experience an unusual shortness of breath, scale back on the exercise or stop doing it. Building strength and endurance takes time, so start slow and ask a friend to join you so you can support and encourage each other.

15 minutes can save your life!

This heart scan helps spot heart disease in its earliest stages, allowing aggressive action and treatments that can help prolong life. Reid is offering this screening for only $49, and it can be scheduled without a referral!

Assess your health with these free tools!

These tools are not a substitute for your physician, but a supplement to his or her care. Take the results and share them with your doctor for the best results!

Vascular Screening

This screening is quick and easy and costs just $49. Anyone who is over 50, or has a family history of stroke or heart disease should consider this screening.


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