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REID HOSPITAL »  Medical Services »  Rehabilitation »  Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Helping individuals of all ages - from newborns to the elderly - regain lost function related to injuries or illnesses, our physical therapy team works to get patients back to performing their normal activities as independently as possible.  

Our services include:

  • Pre/post joint replacement
  • Orthopedic injuries - sprains, strains, etc.
  • Neurological conditions - strokes, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Wound care
  • Work services and functional capacity evaluations
  • Dry Needling

Aquatic Therapy

Our aquatic therapy program can help with many different diagnoses: arthritis, pre/post-operative, total joint replacements, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and abnormal tone. While treatment can be done in a traditional pool as well, our state-of-the-art therapy pool offers the following key advantages:

  • One-on-one care. No more competing with kids and lap swimmers - our aquatic therapy pool provides a private setting for your therapy session. 
  • No steps or stairs. The floor of our pool can be raised to deck level so that you can simply walk or be pushed in a wheelchair right out to the middle. The floor will slowly lower when you are ready to get wet.
  • Controlled pool depth. Our therapists can customize the depth of the pool to maximize comfort and therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Warmer temperatures. The average temperature for the aquatic pool is between 88 and 94 degrees, much warmer than traditional pools.
  • Built-in treadmill. The floor of the pool is also a treadmill with speeds ranging from 0.1 to 8 mph.
  • Customized resistance. Jets at the front of the pool can generate a 6 m.p.h. current to provide additional resistance to movement, increased difficulty, a current to swim against or a focal stream of current for aquatic massage.
  • Underwater cameras. Cameras are mounted at the front and sides of the pool, allowing our therapists to view your motion without the distortion of looking down through the water. Your motion can also be recorded so that improvements can be shown over the course of treatment.

Wound Care

Wound Care is provided in both the inpatient and outpatient settings with staff utilizing whirlpool or pulsatile lavage to clean and debride wounds. Pulsatile lavage has become the treatment of choice for acute wounds because it uses sterile saline instead of water to speed the healing process.  Because this form of wound care will not work for every wound, for example large wounds, whirlpool therapy is also offered at Reid. For wounds that persist an extended period or have failed to respond to physical therapy, advanced wound healing techniques and tools are available through Reid's Wound Healing Services.

Work Related Services

Poor working environments can place undue stresses on the body and lead to injury. By looking at your work environment's ergonomics, we can assess work areas and recommend modifications to prevent or reduce on-the-job injuries.

  • Pre-Employment Screening. Our staff provides pre-employment testing for several businesses. A pre-employment screening can be an off-the-shelf test of general abilities or it can be a specific test designed to emulate the demands of a particular job more closely.  Custom test designs are based on a work site assessment of your facility.
  • Work Conditioning. Work conditioning is a service we offer patients who have sustained serious or long-term debilitating injuries and have been off work for an extended period. In these situations, a person might not be able to return to their job due to decreased physical activity tolerance. This service moves the person through a series of steps that simulate the physical demands of their job and increases their functional tolerance to the level necessary to return to work.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations. Functional Capacity Evaluations are performed at our Richmond clinic to determine functional activity tolerance. A variety of activities are tested to determine the patient's functional abilities and limits. This test helps to determine if an individual is able or unable to perform a job or return to job-related activities.  FCEs can last up to 4½ hours.

For more information on our physical therapy services, please feel free to contact us or call one of our outpatient rehab locations: Richmond (765) 983-3092 or Eaton (937) 456-1195.

Need a Doctor?

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Vascular Screening

This screening is quick and easy and costs just $49. Anyone who is over 50, or has a family history of stroke or heart disease should consider this screening.

15 minutes can save your life!

This heart scan helps spot heart disease in its earliest stages, allowing aggressive action and treatments that can help prolong life. Reid is offering this screening for only $49, and it can be scheduled without a referral!


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