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REID HOSPITAL »  Support Services »  Community Benefit

Community Benefit

Community Benefit

2013 Community Benefit Implementation Plan

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment

Financial Assistance

Free and partially discounted care through the Patient Assistance fund established by the organization. 

Application for Financial Assistance

Reid Community Benefit

Reid Hospital’s history of serving the community dates to 1905. That history of service is present today as providing community benefits continues to be central to Reid’s mission. As a not-for-profit,  Reid dedicates assets to charitable purposes including providing financial
assistance for hospital care, as well as a wide variety of community based initiatives to improve the health and well-being of the population we  serve. This report reflects Reid’s on-going commitment. The following list of expenditures is not meant to be an all-inclusive list — it represents highlights from each Community Benefit category. Last year, 19,842 people in Reid’s 7 county service area directly benefitted from the programs outlined below.

Community  Health Improvement  Services                                  $63,775
•     Childbirth classes
•     Prenatal breastfeeding  classes
•     Sibling classes
•     Support groups
•     Community screenings
•     Health education programs
•     S.T.O.P (pediatric weight management program)

Health Professions Education                                                    $97,553
•     Clinical experiences for undergraduate nursing students from 4 schools of nursing
•     Clinical experiences  for Advanced Practice Nurses
•     Clinical experiences for EMTs
•     EMT and paramedic clinical experiences
•     Medical students from IU School of Medicine
•     Scholarships for college students enrolled in a health care profession

Financial and In-Kind Donations                                                $931,436
•     Car seats - 76
•     Safe Sitter classes
•     Blood drives for Community Blood Center - 6
•     Community Benefit grants to local organizations - 23
•     AEDs for the community
•     JACY House support and maintenance
•     Board and community involvement  by Reid staff
•     Community Benefit mammograms - 479
•     Community Benefit PSAs - 267

Community Building Activities                                                   $17,231
•     Health Career Camp
•     Job shadows
•     Adopt a Street

Community  Benefit Operations                                                      $103,740
•     Shoes for Kids - nearly 2,000 pairs of shoes distributed in 8 locations
•     Staff time for program development and implementation, and review of Community Benefit grants

Charity Care (9,950 people)                                                            $8,953,187

Unpaid cost of Medicaid                                                                  $8,934,326

Total Community Benefit provided                                             $19,101,248

Community Benefit Grants

Community Benefit grants are available for local not-for-profit agencies in Reid’s service area.  Not all programs that benefit the community meet the IRS definition of a community benefit.  To be considered eligible for a community benefit grant, a program or service must meet an identified community need and at least one of the following community benefit objectives.  The program or service must:

  • Improve access to health care
  • Enhance community health
  • Advance knowledge through health education or research
  • Relieve a government burden

Reid is required by IRS regulation to conduct a community needs assessment every three years and then must develop a plan to address top priorities. This plan must be reviewed and progress reported to the IRS annually as part of the Hospital 990. The Community Benefit Committee of Reid has identified the following top priorities for our community:

  • Access to care – any program that will enhance individuals receiving health care or access to programs designed to improve lifestyle choices related to overall health status
  • Mental health and substance abuse – Reid has chosen to continue to partner with community agencies that support this population but to also develop strategies to improve education in the school system as well as a targeted population of pregnant women with substance abuse.
  • Nutrition, physical activity and weight (these three areas influence many major illnesses such as diabetes, kidney and heart disease). Programs that influence healthier choices will be considered.

In the grant request please explain how your organization’s program addresses one or more of the community benefit objectives stated above.

Grant requests must be submitted via the online application form

The Community Benefit Committee of the Board of Directors will make the final decision.  All applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision.

Grant applications for 2014 are due by the following dates for each quarter:

  • 1st quarter - March 14th
  • 2nd quarter - June 20th
  • 3rd quarter -September 19th
  • 4th quarter - November 21st

No requests for a calendar year can be considered after November 21st of that year. 

Assistance with the Grant process

Reid’s Community Benefit Specialist is available to assist with the application process. Unsure if your project meets the criteria? Don’t hesitate to reach out and have a discussion. The Community Benefit Specialist can help guide you through the process.


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