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REID HOSPITAL »  Support Services »  Community Benefit »  Support Groups

Support Groups

Support Groups

Offering Sharing, Caring and Coping

Millions of Americans find the sharing and caring provided through a support group can help them better cope with chronic illness or ease the struggle through the loss of a loved one.

Support groups provide participants with a variety of positive interaction, including

  • The benefit of experiences of other group members
  • Latest information in treatments or tips that improve the quality of life
  • An understanding and compassionate audience to whom participants can voice their fears, concerns and questions
  • Help in identifying the causes of symptoms or behavior
  • Encouragement to change attitudes and behavior

Reid Hospital & Health Care Services staff members coordinate or participate in a variety of support groups to help persons coping with illness, chronic conditions or the loss of a loved one.

Support Groups Meeting at Reid Hospital

Updated: 6/5/13

AA:  A group for those recovering from alcoholism.

  • Call Adult Psych Services, 765 983-3070 for more information.

Alanon: A group for family and friends of those with chemical dependency issues.

  • Call Adult Psych Services, 765 983-3070 for more information.

Diabetes:  A group that addresses helpful management tips and educational information for those diagnosed with diabetes.

  • Call 765 983-3423 for more information.
  • Meets: 2nd Wednesday of the month, 5:00 pm.

Living Through the Grief:  Bereavement support groups for those who share the recent death of a loved one.

  • Please call the Chaplain, 765 983-3344 for if you plan to come or for more information.
  • Meets: 1st Tuesday of the month 6:30pm and the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 2:30 pm 
  • Also Widowed Too Young-call 983-3091 for more information.

Lupus Support Group: A support and information group for those diagnosed with Lupus.

  • Call 935-8923 for more information.
  • Meets: 4th Wednesday of the month, 1:00pm

Vascular Screening

This screening is quick and easy and costs just $49. Anyone who is over 50, or has a family history of stroke or heart disease should consider this screening.

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