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Reid Olympics encourages wellness for team, community


Patients and visitors to Reid over the past few weeks may have seen team members involved in activities ranging from a corn-hole competition to golf, flag football, biking and walking, among many others. What’s it all about?

Tajuan Stoker, Reid’s director of Wellness, said the Olympics were launched four years ago as a way to promote all aspects of wellness and wholeness among team members. “As health care workers, we not only want our team to set the example for healthy practices, we know that a healthier team will be an asset to the families and patients who come through our doors,” Stoker said.

Craig Kinyon, Reid President/CEO, is a strong supporter of wellness for both his team and the community. “Practicing wellness means taking charge of your health rather than waiting and wondering. It means seeing your doctor regularly. It means knowing your risk factors for disease and taking steps to mitigate them. And we, as health care workers, should set the example for wellness practices.”

The Reid Olympics is one of several wellness initiatives for team members. Others include “Step Up to the Challenge,” a program encouraging and rewarding regular walking. Reid team members can also earn incentives for obtaining wellness screenings, for regular physical activity and following good nutrition practices. Stoker said more than 1,000 employees are involved.

Reid’s Wellness Department has also increased offerings to area businesses and government employees, including health fairs and on-site wellness presentations. “We have several very affordable options for offering wellness screenings for groups of employees,” he said. For larger companies, Reid wellness team members bring the program to the company. “We are also working on options for companies with fewer employees,” he said.

For community education, the Wellness team has been offering a series of presentations called “Twelve in 2012,” which includes at least one presentation each month in Lingle Auditorium at Reid on various topics, such as men’s health, vaccinations, women’s health and more.

Kinyon and Stoker said Reid has been working hard in the past three to four years to increase community awareness and in some cases, change the way people think about their health.

“Wellness not only saves lives, it also has a direct impact on adding more quality years to your life,” Kinyon said. And, finding problems and treating them early can save thousands of dollars in future care costs.

“It’s much better for the patient, for example, and much less costly for everyone, if diabetes is headed off before it develops or is controlled with wellness initiatives before it leads to heart disease, stroke or other conditions that can be associated with this condition,” he said.

Kinyon said Reid will continue to expand outreach for wellness and work to create more awareness in the region about the importance of being proactive with your health. “We take this responsibility seriously,” he said. “We know this will help lead us down a path to a healthier community.”

Kinyon and Stoker offered these tips and reminders:

  • Know your risk factors and family history. If diabetes is common in the family tree, for example, take steps now to prevent it.
  • See your doctor at least once a year when you are well and discuss any tests you might need.
  • Ask your doctor about taking advantage of affordable screenings such as heart scans, lung scans, vascular screenings and annual mammograms. Encourage family members to do the same.
  • Practice healthy eating and regular exercise.

For more information about Reid wellness, contact Tajuan Stoker at (765) 983-3086 or email Tajuan.Stoker@ReidHospital.org.

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