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News Releases

What's going on at Reid? Stay posted on Reid News by checking out our News Releases.


Ambassador of the Month

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December Ambassador radiates enthusiasm (12-14-2013)
Heather Towns, Reid’s December Ambassador, has been a Reid team member for 14 years as a sonographer with the radiology department and is currently the untrasound supervisor. Heather is a graduate of Reid’s Radiology school and the Pima Medical School for Ultrasound in Tucson, Arizona.

November Ambassador shares compassion with the community (11-1-2013)
Sharon Arnett, Reid’s November Ambassador, has been a Reid team member for two years with Reid Oncology Associates (ROA). Her first day on the job coincided with the office’s first day to open its doors. As ROA’s office assistant, Sharon is often the first contact for patients and always greets them with a warm smile and compassionate attitude.

October Ambassador has a passion for service (10-4-2013)
Brian Haviland, Reid’s October Ambassador, has been a Reid team member for six years in the Engineering Department. Brian serves as a first responder in the Medical Office Building and the Outpatient Care Center. As a first responder, Brian is a jack of all trades, handling heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and many other maintenance issues. Prior to coming to Reid, Brian was a maintenance tech at the Green Tokai auto parts plant in Brookville, Ohio for 10 years — a job which required Brian to make several trips to Japan.

September Ambassador doesn’t just kid around (9-6-2013)
Megan Smith, Reid’s September Ambassador, has been a Reid team member for 11 years. She is a pediatric physical therapist with Rehabilitation Services. Megan earned a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Indiana University-Purdue University in 2002. She started working at Reid that same year and has been the pediatric coordinator for a little over a year.

August Ambassador exhibits user friendly traits (8-9-2013)
Monty Hunt, Reid’s August Ambassador, has been a Reid team member for nearly four years. He is a system analyst with the Information Services department, providing technical support to pharmacy, the Mother-Baby Care Unit, Rehabilitation Services and the Acute Rehab Unit. Monty earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Wright State University in 1992. He came to Reid after a 17 year career with NCR.

July Ambassador is a glowing inspiration (7-12-2013)
Lorri Artman, Reid’s July Ambassador, has been a Reid team member for over 27 years. She works in Radiology and has been an MRI tech for 20 years. Lorri earned a bachelor’s degree in general studies from Indiana University-Bloomington in 1982 and graduated from Reid’s School of Radiologic Technology in 1987.

June Ambassador has contagious attitude (6-18-2013)
Amber York, Reid’s June Ambassador, has been a Reid team member since 2008. She works in the Critical Care Unit (CCU) and has been a charge nurse for the last three years. Amber earned an associate’s degree in nursing from Ivy Tech in 2007 and is working on a bachelor’s degree at Indiana University East. She was recently honored with a 2013 Nurse Excellence Award.

May Ambassador has experience, enthusiasm and empathy (5-3-2013)
Debbie Richardson, Reid’s May Ambassador, has been a Reid team member for over 24 years and a 5-North nurse for 23. Five-North was known as the L-6 nursing unit prior to Reid’s move to 1100 Reid Parkway. Debbie works on the unit as a first shift charge nurse. She earned her ASN degree from Indiana University East in 1989 and her BSN in 2008. She was honored with a Nurse Excellence Award in 2012.

April Ambassador glows with enthusiasm (4-5-2013)
Becky Fisher, Reid’s April Ambassador, has been a Reid team member for over 17 years and a radiology nurse for six. Prior to joining the radiology team, Becky worked for 11 years on L-3 at the 1401 hospital building. She now administers medications to patients and monitors their recovery after radiology procedures such as ultrasound biopsies and MRIs. Co-workers note her enthusiasm for her work and her comforting approach with patients. “Her cheerfulness is a comfort to all who work with her and to the radiology patients for whom she cares,” said a physician. “Becky is caring, compassionate and treats every patient like they are the only patient she is going to have the entire day,” said a team member.

March Ambassador monitors heart of the CCU (3-8-2013)
Ben Bratton, Reid’s March Ambassador, has shared his expertise with Reid for over two years. As a monitor technician on the Critical Care Unit, Ben alerts clinical staff to any changes in a patient’s heart rhythm. Peers note Ben’s positive attitude, enthusiasm and willingness to help wherever needed. “His attitude and enthusiasm are contagious,” said a co-worker. “Ben is always smiling and pleasant. He often will do extra work when he knows the staff nurses on the floor are busy,” said another.

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