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What's going on at Reid? Stay posted on Reid News by checking out our News Releases.


Hospital News

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Cardiac ablation proves a blessing for retired pastor (11-18-2014)
Don Myers began having problems with his heart when he was serving as senior pastor of Greenville, Ohio, Congregational Christian Church. As much as he loved being in ministry, some aspects of the work seemed to aggravate his condition. “My heart tended to go out of rhythm when I felt emotional, such as when I’d officiate at a special wedding, or when I was doing a lot of speaking,” Myers said. “It would beat erratically, and afterward my legs would be very weak, and I’d feel dizzy and worn out. Sometimes I’d forget where I was, as if I had had a mini-stroke.”

Is flu season getting started? Numbers at Reid suggest that’s possible (11-14-2014)
A Reid hospital physician who monitors flu cases year-round believes he’s seeing signs of the beginning of this year’s flu season – and if true, it is coming earlier than last year.

Reid event to offer Affordable Care Act insurance information, signup (11-14-2014)
An Affordable Care Act (ACA) information and sign-up event will be offered at Reid Hospital from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Dec. 10, hospital officials announced.

Right care in the right place for patients with neck and back pain (11-12-2014)
Reid’s Joint and Spine Center, already established as a regional destination center for orthopedic issues, is expanding its focus on spine conditions. The new Integrated Spine Center will help patients with neck and back pain receive the care they need quickly—without long wait times.

New genetic test can mean safer, more effective drug therapy (11-11-2014)
A new test available at Reid can help doctors prescribe the most effective medication for patients based on their genetic make-up. Called pharmacogenetic testing, it involves swabbing the inside of the patient’s check and sending the saliva sample to a specialty laboratory. Physicians receive a detailed report that can help them decide which type of drugs will work best on individual patients and what the most effective dose will be.

Kristin Ward directs case management at Reid (11-11-2014)
Kristin Ward, MSN, RN, is the Case Management Director at Reid Hospital.

American Diabetes Association recognizes Reid diabetes education program for excellence (11-10-2014)
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recently recognized the Reid Diabetes & Nutrition Education Program for its high-quality education programming. The recognition is valid for four years and honors high-quality education programs that are designed to help diabetics manage their condition effectively. Reid has held the distinction since 2001.

Former NFL player among highlights of two special diabetes events at Reid (11-10-2014)
Two upcoming events at Reid Hospital will provide support and information for people with diabetes, and include a special appearance by former NFL player Kendall Simmons, a diabetic.

Palliative care/hospice physician is 2014 Humanity in Medicine winner (11-1-2014)
David DeSantis, M.D., Ph.D., received the 2014 Paul S. Rhoads Humanity in Medicine Award Saturday evening. The honor, announced during Reid Hospital’s annual medical staff appreciation and new physician reception, recognizes a career distinguished by excellence in compassionate care for patients and their families and outstanding support for the area’s health care community.

Celebrating 75-plus years of insulin use (10-17-2014)
When Margaret Sligar was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a toddler, insulin was a brand new treatment for a disease that just a few years earlier would have typically meant death within a couple of years.

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