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Charles Patterson

Charles Patterson

At first, the wound on Charles Patterson’s leg was simply a nuisance. “I kept scraping the back of my leg against the running board of my vehicle every time I got out,” recalls the Richmond resident. “I started putting alcohol on it, but nothing helped.” 

A visit to his doctor and several tests suggested that Patterson was experiencing very restricted blood flow, which prohibited the healing process. The problem was corrected surgically at Reid, but Patterson’s wound grew larger.

“Dr. Patrick Anderson at Reid was treating me, and he thought I’d be a candidate for HBO therapy,” Patterson says. HBO stands for hyperbaric oxygen, a treatment in which patients lie in a chamber of pressurized oxygen to promote healing.

“I had multiple treatments, and each time I was in there about two hours. All you do is lie there, watch TV and breathe,” Patterson said. “It worked great. HBO sped up the healing quite a bit. Everything is completely healed.”

Patterson considers the HBO treatments well worth his time. “It’s been pretty incredible for me,” he said. “My grandson studied HBO on the computer, and he told me all the big-time athletes want HBO now! I’m grateful I was given the opportunity.”

If you or someone you love has an issue with a wound that just won’t heal, call the Reid Wound Healing Center at 765-983-3300 or visit here.  Whether through advanced or traditional methods, Reid’s wound care staff can help you heal.

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