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Nothing speaks louder than the voice of our patients. Please explore our story as told by our recent patients. 

If you too have a story, we welcome your feedback! Please contact us today



Floyd Geeding

A place to turn for people in pain

Floyd Geeding’s knee problem likely began more than four decades ago.

“My injury probably started about 40 years ago when I had hogs,” said Geeding, who farms near Eaton. “Using my right knee to herd 250-pound hogs weakened it quite a bit. Early one morning, whi...
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David Jay

$29 Heart CT Scan Leads to Life-Saving Surgery

David Jay thought he was the picture of health—until a $29 heart CT scan at Reid Hospital told him otherwise.

David, who lives with his wife in Arcanum, has always been fit and active. Part of his routine involves getting regular check-ups and particip...
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Mick Shockley

The night that everything went right

Most people don’t survive what happened to Mick Shockley in January 2012. In fact, if anything had gone differently that night, Mick might not have survived, either.

Mick was with friends at Richmond High School watching an Eaton-Richmond basketball game. It was just a few minu...
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Noah Shimp

Television helps pass the time during MRIs at Reid

Patients usually have a question or two for Reid’s radiology staff before undergoing a magnetic resonance imaging scan. For eight-year-old Noah Shimp, the question was “do you have cable?”

Happily, the answer was “Yes!” And so, during his MRI ...
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Elijah York

Let us entertain you (during your MRI)

Elijah York, a ten-year-old cancer survivor, has experienced more than his fair share of medical procedures. Thankfully, his recent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan was neither scary nor stressful— thanks to CinemaVision. This state-of-the-art entertainment system allows patients to watch t...
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Richard Ross

Giving Parkinson’s a one-two punch

When it comes to Parkinson’s disease, there’s one thing you can’t do: stop fighting. Richard Ross has taken his fight to a new level — by putting on boxing gloves.
It’s part of a new pro...
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Valentine Men

Three Valentine men share a Reid Hospital heart connection

John, Eric and Dan Valentine of Connersville share a family history, a sense of humor — and very recent experiences as Reid Hospital heart surgery patients. Two of them even had bypass procedures on the same day.

The Valentine’s Reid connection began in...
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Ed Peterson

Healing a fluttering heart

Ed Peterson is no stranger to heart trouble. Three years ago, doctors placed stents in his heart to treat blockages. Then, in 2009, his heart began to flutter and skip beats, and he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Medication didn’t help, and neither did an effort to regulate his heartbeat using a ca...
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Numon Johnson

Surgical interventions keep local barber on both feet

After barbering for 50-plus years, Numon Johnson was no stranger to sore legs and feet. But one day in 2001, the pain in his right leg became unusually intense. When five aspirin didn’t help, he drove to Reid Hospital emergency department, where doctors quickly discovered that an ...
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Miller Brothers

Family ties: brothers undergo bypass surgery in the same month

Heart disease has a strong genetic link, so it isn’t unusual for Reid Hospital physicians to treat two or even three members of the same family. Somewhat unusual is for a Reid heart surgeon to operate on two brothers in the same month. That’s exactly what happened w...
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Sam Martin

After heart surgery, patient is dancing again

Samantha “Sam” Martin had tried for years to improve her heart health, but to no avail. “I’d already lost 25 pounds and tried a number of medications for my high blood pressure and high cholesterol,” explains Sam, a systems analyst at Belden in Richmond.“My d...
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Thomas Klute

Thomas Klute celebrated his 90th birthday just a few weeks after undergoing triple bypass surgery. Now 91, he says he owes it all to the heart care team at Reid Hospital.

When Thomas came to Reid’s emergency room in January 2010 with chest pain, physicians and staff quickly identified a life-threatening heart condition. Thomas remembers nothing...
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Keith Sayne

Heart surgery close to home — and work

Keith and Marla Sayne got good news and bad news after undergoing heart CT scans at Reid Hospital in March 2011. The good news: Marla’s score was a “zero,” indicating a low risk of having or developing heart disease. The bad news? Keith’s score: 1,389.
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Ron Hollis

“Take me to Reid” for heart care

Ron Hollis has a history of heart disease. So when he and his wife, Joann, moved to Liberty in early 2011, he was already thinking about making an appointment with a cardiologist at Reid. Unfortunately, Ron’s heart couldn’t wait.

The first sign of trouble was dizzine...
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Patricia Hill

“I would rather go to Reid than anywhere else”

Patricia Hill went to the emergency room at her local hospital on Feb. 13, 2009, complaining of flu-like symptoms, including vomiting and fainting. Tests indicated she’d had a heart attack, and that came as a surprise: her chest hadn’t hurt at all.

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Bill Cummins

Heart patient gives his highest recommendation

Bill Cummins still can’t get over the care he received at Reid Hospital in 2010.

It all began with a visit to his family physician, Dr. Tina Reichley.Bill was concerned about feeling short of breath. Dr. Reichley referred him to Reid cardiologist Dr. Robert Fleming for t...
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Harley Glidden

Liberty resident credits Reid physician with saving his life

Harley Glidden has one piece of advice for people who need medical care: “Don’t go any further than Richmond.”

Harley should know. In the last six years, he’s faced a number of health problems, including potentially life-threatening aortic...
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Tim Kuebel

Tim Kuebel

Hard work never bothered Tim Kuebel — it was breathing that he found difficult.

Tim, a blacksmith by trade, spent 25 years shoeing horses. He was known for his speed and skill, but in 2009 the heavy labor caught up with him and he had to undergo arthroscopic surgery on one of his knees. Three weeks later, he had...
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Kim Schoenfeld

HBO Therapy Brings Relief to Cancer Survivor

Kim Schoenfeld is thankful for the aggressive cancer therapy that saved her life. However, the radiation she endured in 2006 and 2007 came with a price: internal damage to her digestive system. Debilitating pain followed, but Kim found relief at Reid Hospital’s Wound Healing Center.

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Charles Patterson

Charles Patterson

At first, the wound on Charles Patterson’s leg was simply a nuisance. “I kept scraping the back of my leg against the running board of my vehicle every time I got out,” recalls the Richmond resident. “I started putting alcohol on it, but nothing helped.” 

A visit to his doctor...
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Delia Hays

Harold and Delia Hays were given 15 bonus years together following Harold’s cancer diagnosis. They shared special moments, holidays and lots of laughter as their family continued to grow. Although he struggled with illness, his quiet strength and sense of humor prevailed.
When those years had passed and the days grew short, Dr. Angie Lee,...
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Susan Weireter

Reid Hospice Helps Ease the Pain of a Young Father's Last Days

Brian Weireter died of cancer in October 2009, leaving behind a loving wife, four devoted sons and too many friends to count. Saying goodbye to this man, whose optimism and zest for life were an inspiration, was indescribably difficult for his wife, Susan. She remains thank...
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Evelyn Shank

Reid Hospice Care Gives Patients, Families Peace of Mind

Thelma Harlan was a tough, independent lady who was happy to live alone in an isolated farmhouse even after her husband died in 2000. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2008, at the age of 87, that she needed to rely on the support of her lovin...
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Mindy Kennedy

Easing a New Mom’s Worries

Liam Kennedy was a beautiful newborn with just one problem: jaundice. This condition, which is caused by high levels of bilirubin in the blood, is common at birth. Babies with jaundice often have a yellowish tint to their skin and the whites of their eyes. The condition usually disappears on its own, but se...
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Greg Merchanthouse

Better late than never

Greg Merchanthouse endured years of pain in an effort to avoid knee replacement surgeries. Now, he says, he only wishes he’d had the surgeries sooner.

Greg, a commercial real estate agent in Richmond and former city council member, began having arthritis-related knee pain at least 10 years a...
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Wanda Wood

New Knees Make All the Difference for This Richmond Resident

Wanda Wood couldn’t ignore the pain anymore. Her knees hurt so much that even walking was difficult — and Wanda loves to walk. So when a friend suggested she make an appointment with Dr. Mario Lee, an orthopedic surgeon with the Reid Hospital Joint and Spine Cent...
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Sue Landrum

Shoulder surgery at Reid restores motion, eliminates pain


Sue Landrum’s right bicep hurt, and she couldn’t figure out why. She began having trouble using that arm to push, pull or lift, and it was difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. When several months of chiropractic care and massage therapy di...
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Don Smith

A typical day for Don Smith is spending time with his wife of 43 years and his dog at their country home in Greenfield. On occasion, he travels to gun shows, which is what brought him to Richmond December 12, 2009. It was a day he won't soon forget.

Don was at the Kuhlman Center at the Wayne County Fair Grounds visiting with a friend. He suddenly becam...
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Wei-Hua Lee
She's an Indianapolis medical researcher, a newspaper editor and now, a huge fan of Reid Hospital's heart program. Wei-Hua Lee, associate professor of pediatrics, anatomy and cell biology at the Indiana University School of Medicine, was treated at Reid in September with a procedure for which Reid Heart Center has established a regional reputation - a catheter "ablati...
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John Dooley

My name is John P. Dooley, and I live in Pershing, Indiana.  Through the past five years I've had many occasions to stay overnight at Reid Hospital and am writing to share some of my thoughts.  There are not enough words to express the deep gratitude I have for Reid Hospital and its medical staff.

Beginning in late 2001 my health began to decline. ...
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Lee Bond

Two years ago Lee's mother, Susie, enrolled him in Reid's Stop Taking on Pounds program (STOP) – a weight loss program for children.

Today, Lee credits Reid with changing his life.

Before entering the program, pediatrician Dr. Paul Rider shared his concern that Lee, because of his weight, was at risk of becoming a childhood diabetic.  Liver tests co...
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Bill Stackhouse

One year later, Bill can say he's survived MRSA, Step B, meningitis, seven aneurisms, a tear in his upper GI, eight bladder stones and infection on his heart valve.

"I should be dead.  It's a miracle I'm here and it's all because of Reid Hospital," said Bill.

A father of four, grandfather of ten and great-grandfather of six, Bill said his p...
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Maurice Hurd

After recovering from extensive heart surgery, Maurice Hurd, also a diabetic, began working through the Reid cardiac rehabilitation program where staff and other heart patients soon became family.

One day in particular, Maurice planned to take the bus to the hospital for rehab when he became disoriented and struggled finding the correct bus.  Finally arrivi...
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Rita Settle

Born with hydrocephalus and holes on the top and bottom of her heart, Rita spent the first years of her life in and out of surgery.

A Richmond resident since 2004, Rita has spent the past four years participating in weekly physical and occupational therapy exercises at Reid's outpatient rehab services.

During that time, Rita learned to use scissors, ...
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